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🦀Magic Water ELF, Children Handmade Aqua Gel Sensory Toy Set🐟

🦀Magic Water ELF, Children Handmade Aqua Gel Sensory Toy Set🐟

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Let children create their own toy land!

This is a DIY playset for kids to create special creatures in the water!

This helps children increase their creativity through the use of toys of a variety of colors and shapes and is a great opportunity to bond with your children!

Let's enjoy the fun together!



  • 🌈SAFE MATERIAL - Selected natural food grade sodium alginate, non-toxic and non-injuring hands. Equipped with a variety of tools, shapes and color solutions, enhance children's imagination and creativity.

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  • 🌈DEVELOP SKILLS - Help kids stay away from electronic products to create special creatures in the water. Improve children's imagination, hands-on ability and hand-brain ability. Teach children to recognize different colors and shapes.

  • 🌈Vibrant colours: perfect for capturing your child's attention, fun and educational gift for all ages, rich DIY bead set with all the tools needed to play, feel free to express your creativity with the toy. 

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  • 🌈PERFECT GIFT - Suitable as a gift for birthdays, Children's Day, academic rewards, etc. It can be used as parent-child games or children's festivals to improve the relationship between parents and children, and improve children's communication and cooperation skills.


  • Step 1: Add 1kg of water and 50g of Elf-Mate, stir until the water runs clear.

  • Step 2: Dip the mold in the elves' water and dip the color paste in it.

  • Step 3: Slowly insert the filled mold and shake until the water spirit comes off the mold.

  • Step 4: Soak in water for 5-10 minutes and put in clear water for a few minutes, it will be fuller.


  • Material: sodium alginate

  • Color: as shown

  • Weight: 800g

  • Size: 20*15*10.5cm/7.87*5.91*4.13in


★Includes anything you need: package includes:

  • (12 BOTTLE SET) 12*cartoon shape models, 12*coloured water solution, 2*powder, 1*storage container, 1*plastic cup container, 1*instructions, 1*stirring stick, 1*spoon net,duck*1,1* Gloves,1*Brushes
    (6 BOTTLE SET) 8*cartoon shape models,6*coloured water solution, 1*powder,  1*instructions, 1*stirring stick, 1*spoon net,1*Gloves,1* Brushes
    (4 BOTTLE SET) 4*cartoon shape models, 4*coloured water solution, 1*powder, 1*instructions, 1*stirring stick, 1*spoon net, 1*Instructions,1* Gloves, 1*Brushes

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Surprise your child and watch in awe as they use this unique color that transforms into characters they can play with! 🐳😍
“Both my children were blown away by this, they spent the whole day creating creatures to play with, I highly recommend it” -Donna W.

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🦀Magic Water ELF, Children Handmade Aqua Gel Sensory Toy Set🐟

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